General manager message

Dear friends:

In the boundless huge crowd, it is the fate that makes us meet each other. Since we are mee-ting, this mee-ting will be becoming a song .thank you so much of visiting HJ website. May be you are looking for the proper new project and new technology of your company’s further progression. Maybe you are searching for the knowledge in the new filed and also searching for fun.   I believe through the sincere heart and realistic sentiment we can make our friendship forever !   I  believe through our faith and intelligence we can make our song cheerful and unforgettable!

Here, I am willing to share my thirty years’ knowledge and experience that I accumulate from dedicating in the field of nitric acid, nitrates and nitro-compound fertilizer. Meanwhile I will lead my team improving  and perfecting the technology  together which can promote the development  of national industry and also can settle a good foundation for HJ’s future.

I sincerely hoping we could be co-workers and friends!